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States of Consciousness: Phenomenological Data and Biophysical Concurrences within Many Worlds Interpretations  Ian Kanair (La Conner, WA )   C12

States of Consciousness may overlap in a superposition of experiential phenomena. Cross cultural studies of altered states of consciousness in particular yield rich and contextual shared memories, experiences, and normative realms. These may be understood best on their face values, as exhibited in the Boasian traditions of anthropology. Concurrences occur with biophysical data, as expressed in electrical activities, neural networks, and imaging studies. Coincidences of States of Consciousness in spacetime may occur within a single system, yielding a primacy of the role of observer(s) within that system, as envisioned by Hugh Everett III, whose concepts became known as The Many Worlds Interpretation, and which provides a broader backdrop for shared contexts. Events may unfold through a symmetry of spacetime, as posited by the framework of quantum retrocausation, so that cause and effect may not follow a linear sequence or relationship. Quantum retrocausation may be coincident with accounts of waking and altered states of consciousness, flowing in omnidirectional patterns along interconnected nodes, possibly with fractal dynamics, splitting into infinite possibilities and probabilities, and demarcated with shared characteristics across multiple dimensions.