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Scheme of Consciousness, A Hypothetical Structure of Conscious Perception  Pooya Mazloomi (NYC, NEW YORK Iran (Islamic Republic Of))   P1

For centuries, mind of philosophers has been puzzled by the mystery of consciousness. from empiricism to phenomenology, different approaches have tried to explain consciousness subjectively, but few has focused on a structural analysis that can explain how it may work, objectively. To do so, either as a monist or a dualist, we have to describe consciousness as a compound versus a simple entity, which means it has to be comprised of different parts. But how can this reductionist method lead us to a conscious mind that has different states while its unity is preserved? An imaginable answer is to assume the flow of mind as an ongoing action that is a product of subconscious components, which their structure warrants their function. These components are not essentially conscious by themselves but they can build a system that is conscious. Such a system will process information to produce subjective perception, while the consciousness will be the end result of its functional unity. Here in this presentation I will try to describe these components in respect to their structural analysis and how consciousness can originate from such a system.