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An Integrated Approach To Increase Global Consciousness For System Sustainability And Better Worldliness, A Solution Against Global Perils.  Parashar Ami (Birr, AARAU Switzerland)   P1

The world continues to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. Such global disturbances affect body, mind and surroundings at the same time. The need of the hour is to develop smart, resilient & cost-effective solutions to cater such situations. An integrated approach involving relevant streams of sciences with strong background of historical data of human evolution and consciousness studies, gives researchers a foresightedness.From the spiritual system theory framework "Man, a perfect Microcosm of Macrocosm", author sees a relationship between human consciousness and universal consciousness. But the crisis being faced at global level are, due to not fulfilling the basic needs of majority of population and the rate at which these changes are being introduced into the system. It is extremely difficult to keep sense of balanced perspective when such risky environmental and psychological conditions are putting additional stress on different age groups.Scholars have suggested that to perform a task correctly, one should use all faculties and best available knowledge. The same approach supported by appropriate planning, analytical and simulation tools may result in sustainable solution. In this poster/paper, author is emphasizing on, how religious and spiritual practices provide required balance to one's body and mind to implement an integrated system science approach to improve system sustainability and to increase global consciousness to achieve better worldliness.