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Beyond Belief: The Implications Of Transcendent Experience On Physical Models Of Reality  Joseph Heer , Joseph Heer (Interaction Matters, Chillicothe, OH) (Interaction Matters, Chillicothe, OH )   P1

Billions of people from within many belief systems and cultures have experienced non-sensory "connection" with something outside of themselves. These experiences of connection are necessarily moderated within the brain and shaped by existing mental and cognitive structures. However, growing evidence suggests that these experiences sometimes involve non-local energy and information transfer, and are based on more than just brain response to normal physical & sensory inputs. Assuming that these kinds of non-local interactions exist, how can we measure them? What do they tell us about our current physical models of reality, and how our brain structures interact with that reality? What new research directions do they point to? How do we separate out the underlying signals from the noise generated by layers of biological and conceptual interpretation? This presentation explores the theoretical and practical gaps in our current models, and the contribution that experiential and consciousness research can make in filling those gaps -- ultimately helping us discover the underlying realities that unite us all.