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Gravity And Consciousness As An Explanation Of Dark Matter And Dark Energy  Alon Retter (Hamatara Emet - The Interdisciplinary Science And Consciousness Institute, Shoham, ISRAEL Israel)   P1

Gravity seems to fail at large distances, and observed matter can only explain about 5% of the gravitational force involved in the galaxies? motion. Science has thus invoked the presence of dark matter and dark energy to constitute the remaining 95% of the universe?s mass. The major scientific effort to find new particles that form dark matter & energy has failed to date. This talk addresses these two cosmological challenges and how solving them in a unique way leads to evidence of unity in the cosmos. We propose to explore the idea that the origin of dark matter and dark energy is consciousness. Following Quantum Theory we postulate that adding the observer into the equations using the perception that everyone observes the universe from its conceptual center, i.e., from the singularity, can explain dark matter and dark energy witout any new particles.