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Energy Landscape Of The Whole-brain Dynamics In Coma, Vegetative States, And Related Disorders  Javier A. Galadi , Jose Antonio Langa; Fernando Soler; Anira Escrichs; Gustavo Deco; Steven Laureys (Seville, Spain)   C15

Brain dynamics depicts an extremely complex energy landscape that changes over time and its characterisation is a central unsolved problem in neuroscience. We formulate a powerful modelling framework that allows us to study systematically the temporal evolution of the whole-brain dynamical landscape underlying human neuroimaging data. Transitions between states are characterised by means of a non-stationary energy landscape, in which the set of steady states evolve over time. We demonstrate that the temporal structure of the dynamics serves to distinguish quantitatively and rigorously between the different states of consciousness. Finally, we extend that mathematical formalism to classify healthy controls, patients in minimally conscious state, and patients with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome looking for clinical applications in coma patients.