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Further Reaches Of Human Motivation  Lindsay Briner , Roger Walsh (CIIS, Sausalito, CA )   C19

Picking up where Maslow left off in the further reaches of human motivation, we suggest 3 more additional stages of postpostconventional adult development beyond self-transcendence, and suggest how it might be a beneficial lens to motivation while living in a crisis-aware world. Maslow popularized self-actualization and peak performance, yet few realize he amended his own theory late in life and added self-transcendence. Yet the 3 additional stages of selfless service, motivation transcendence and transpersonal spontaneity we suggest as even higher developmental stages that are concurrently described in contemplative studies. In this paper, we outline a detailed framework of these higher stages, therefore, bridging contemplative science and Western positive psychology for a new approach to human motivation. We are currently facing multiple major threats to our ecology, climate, social order, and civilization, and these threats stem in large part from individual and collective fixations on satisfying hedonic cravings. Recognizing the potentials and benefits of higher eudaimonic motives might play some small part in motivating the kinds of individual and collective changes that will be essential for our survival. The recognition of these three motives may encourage both individuals and cultures to appreciate, cultivate, and express them. Doing so, additionally updates and expands the hierarchial model of human motivation as well as offers cross-cultural and cross disciplinary additions.