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Healing of Memories: Data Repair and Transfiguration by Means of Consciousness and Engaged Meditation  Scott Forrer (Tucson Neuroscience Center, Yuma, AZ )   C22

Upon an activation of the best designed instrument ever made, the human mind, in association with the human body (brain as substantive body), is when Consciousness then appears active in the process of cognitive and physical expression. To objectify, proposed, is a 10-year prospective study in which meditators will self-demonstrate transformational change and neuroplasticity by metrics to include brain mapping, electroencephalograms, PET scan tests, psychological inventories, and identity instruments. Transfigurational change will also be quantified by means of psychological distress scales and functional parameters of physiologic states. Meditator groups followed will define to nonmeditators, beginners (5 to 10 minutes or less a day), starters (10 to 20 minutes a day) and actives (50 minutes or more daily); all meditators will self-define to type (yogis, contemplation, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, unknown, etc.). This investigation of mind, transformation and transfigurational change, draws upon evidence, associated with brain wave encephalographic variance identified from different cortical areas. Neuroscience metrics are then globally applicable to objectify transformational change (psychological instruments, MMPIs, brain mapping, PET scans, EEGs, psychological distress scales). While it may be argued that meditative impacts upon the 'interior state' are anecdotal (St. Teresa De Avila, Interior Castles, Sadguru, Interior Engineering) the availability of instruments for investigation provide a means to objectify Consciousness upon a utilization of the most sophisticated explorative instrument ever created, the human person. Transformation of memories, data, may then manifest as physical and behavioral expressions in physical reality as cortical areas of brain transform by means of neuroplasticity (study evidence demonstrates cortical specific gamma wave activity). The activation of mind dimension then arises upon a purposeful effort (willful decision) to amplify an awareness of Consciousness to facilitate transfigurational change. It is each individual consciousness (ego-consciousness) from womb to tomb that provides intellectual oversight of never-ending data collection and memory integration. Operationally, dimensions of mind (intellect, reason, memories, emotions, and imaginations) are active as the human person functions as the most sophisticated machinery ever created. Consciousness works, to repair 'data', upon an activation of mind dimensions, the 'software', as awareness interfaces with the silo of memories; there is an engagement with Consciousness also known as 'infinite intelligence' which transforms and transfigures the human person. There are then implications for personal health and mindful wellness. The catalyst for transformation is the active focus of intent, the concentrated dimension of mind (awareness), the dimension of meditation. Present empirical evidence suggests that the transformational healing of memories, data repair by means of meditation, offers an ability to accomplish metric objectification of consciousness to Consciousness. Defined modes of meditation will then open a door, an opportunity, for all humanity to gain self-knowledge and improve mental and physical health. Footnote: Poppy L.A., Schoenberg, Andrea Ruf, John Churchill, Daniel P. Brown, Judson A. Brewer. "Mapping complex mind states: EEG neural substrates of meditative unified compassionate awareness". Consciousness Cognition. 57(2018)41-53. Online Journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/concog. Contents lists available at ScienceDirect.