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The Natural Language Of The Body : Movement In Awareness To Consciousness  Talma Targan , Dr. Alon Retter (The Movement Clinic (Israel), Shoham, ISRAEL Israel)   A1

In the existing approaches, even the most advanced and holistic, the human body, as a whole, is considered as a separated closed system, controlling and managing itself. We propose to expand the view to a wider novel perception, which perceives the body as an integral part of the whole universe. Movement in additional awareness to all the forces and phenomena in the universe, and to the cosmic consciousness, generates optimal existence for our whole being. By releasing the illusion of controlling the system, new patterns are acquired and a profound change in consciousness is transformed. This enables a spontaneous organization of posture, movement and breathing. Learning and returning to the natural language of the body bring healing to the body and soul and a natural unity between us and the whole.