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Art, Science and Technology  Alan Macy , Mark-David Hosale (Santa Barbara, CA )   A1

As an invitation to engage the community of the Science of Consciousness a presentation is provided that provides an overview of a series of related artworks that center around physiological and emotive state as drivers for research-creation in art, science and technology. The works presented emerge from a growing network of artists who are in the domains of science and technology with centers at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology (SBCAST); Performance, Art, and Cyber-Interoceptive Systems (PACIS) research collective based in Computational Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada; and the worldwide Consciousness Hacking community. The common thread in this work involves extending perception to better understand the foundational systems that support consciousness and the nature of our awareness. The approach is an open-ended exploration motivated by the discovery of the nature of the human condition and the extended nervous system, the nature of truth, a priori knowledge, cultural influences and how communication leads to understanding.