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Microtubules Resonance as Musical Vocabulary and Generative Grammar - A Short Presentation  Alexandru Jon Graur (Torino, TORINO Italy)   A1

This short presentation will show how the data regarding the microtubules resonance could be used as a musical vocabulary and as a base for a generative grammar. The final result, in this case, is used by Music Integrative Neurotherapy, TM, in the treatment of Attention Deficit, for Focusing Attention. After a brief reminder of the concept of MT, the history of the discovery of their role in the organism, the research regarding the concept of resonance, will introduce some brief definitions of Music as a language, the concepts of musical vocabulary and generative grammar. Then I will present the process of organizing the data regarding the MT resonance (transmitted to me by Bandyopadhyay and team in Japan) in logical structures (Music) addressing the main organs interested in focusing attention. The soundtrack is the final result itself, so the auditors could have an idea about the therapeutic material (even if the simple stereo audio is less efficient than the original surround sound therapeutic audio file).