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Probing The Non-classicality of Biological System of Np Corona Using Classical Electrodynamic Experiments In The Ghz Range  Soami Daya Krishnananda , Urvashi, Zeeshan (Department of Physics &, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, Uttar Pradesh India)   C8

Biological systems, far from the conditions characterizing quantumness, are warm, wet and disordered. These properties bring them into a state of dynamic state of equilibrium. It therefore becomes essential to understand biological phenomena having molecular and atomic origin through classical methods. In this work, an electrodynamic experimental technique is presented to analyse the nanoparticle protein interaction, called NP corona. It has been demonstrated through experiment and theoretical modeling that classical experimental technique can give understanding on the emergence of non-classical phenomenon, having far reaching applications in medicine, drug design and delivery. Method demonstrates that classical approach can aid in understanding the conformational changes of proteins, when interacting with nano particles, which can adversely affect the target specific functionality of proteins in drug delivery. This could be the reason of slow translation of nanomedicine into clinical applications.